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We can divide swimming pools according to several criteria, however, the most important division is based on their construction methods and their purpose.

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Based on their purpose we can divide them into public and private pools, i.e. pools for swimming and recreation or hydromassage pools. Further on, pools can be constructed using a system of skimmers or a system of overflow channels. The difference is in the method of execution of filtration systems and the stipulated usage for public or private facilities.

Pools with skimmers require less equipment and less space for placement of pool technology and they are suitable for private pools where they completely meet the criteria for preparation and maintenance of pool water. Because their installation is less demanding and they require less equipment, the investment in itself is more cost-effective. The level of water is, for functional reasons, kept approximately 10 cm below the edge of the pool, while with the system with overflow channels the level of water is on the level of the area surrounding the pool.

When building pools with overflow channels, the overflow channels and the balance tank of the capacity of 5-19% of the pool volume need to be built during the construction.

Performing installations is more complex, as is the mounting of additional equipment necessary for the functioning of the system. This ensures faster and more efficient water exchange.

They should be implemented in public facilities where the systems are heavily used, and in other facilities where, in addition to functional reasons, the pools need to be additionally emphasized.

Based on their construction methods, pools are most often divided into prefabricated pools and reinforced concrete constructions. Pools with reinforced concrete constructions are certainly the best and most common solution for our climate, provided that the project has been well conducted, that it includes static calculations and the construction has been done in a high-quality manner. Walls and bottom of the pool are fused into one reinforced concrete unit which, provided that the foundations were done well, can be situated at any kind of terrain. A considerable advantage of concrete pools is that there are no limitations when it comes to their shape or size.

Concrete pools can be covered with ceramic tiles, PVC foil or simply coated with appropriate paint. How long will the construction last depends on the estimated equipment system and the complexity of the project. First of all, the terrain for placement of the pool and the associated built-in elements and tubing for water exchange needs to be excavated. The installations are then conducted from the pool shell to the machine room, a space designated for placement of pool technology and equipment.

The machine room of the pool can be placed in the area built next to the pool, designated for the purpose, or in the space of a garage, basement, garden shed, or similar place close to the pool. The prerequisite which has to be met is that the bottom of the machine room is at leat 40 cm below the surface of the pool. The machine room needs to be provided with installations for electrical energy, water supply and drainage and it has to make provisions for a ventilation system.

Scaling of the inbound installations will be elaborated during the phase of preparation of project documentation. Building a pool with reinforced concrete construction requires more time, but it offers more options when it comes to shape, size, equipment and the choice of finish.

Built-in prefabricated pools

With affordable prices and fast construction, they stand out as the most cost-effective choice when it comes to outdoor pools. Built-in pools are constructed of prefabricated elements made of sheets or from a roll. They consist of metal construction, reinforcement elements and internal PVC foil coating. They are equipped with high quality devices for water exchange and filtration, and according to investor’s wishes,  they can be upgraded with a wide choice of additional equipment.

Provided that the preparation and building works preceding the assembly of the pool were performed well, and assembly is done professionally, prefabricated pools are a solution that will last for as long as a well built reinforced concrete pool or a similar construction.

A disadvantage associated with these types of pools is that there is a limited choice of models and pre-set dimensions of the pools which can not be adjusted to the specific requirements of the project. Details related to technical characteristics of the finished sets can be viewed in the menu:
Prefabricated pools.


In addition to the shape and size of the pool, we also need to consider the equipment needed for proper maintenance of the pool during its lifespan. Basic equipment is the equipment needed for proper functioning of the pool, i.e. the equipment which meets the basic criteria for preparation and maintenance of water.

These criteria will be met by an appropriate filter with circulation pump of appropriate technical characteristics, as will the separation of the tubing across suction and pressure elements within the pool.

Pools surfaces can be covered with ceramic tiles, PVC pool foils or simply covered with protective paint. Taking into consideration the suggestions and wishes of future investors and bearing in mind the functionality and visual effect of the finished facilities, we offer a wide range of basic and additional equipment.

Built-in elements and PVC fittings

Full range of equipment for the systems for public and private use

Filters and circulation pumps are a mandatory element of each pool.

We offer a wide range of different models and technical characteristics, depending on the capacity and purpose of the pool.

Pool lighting

Today, pool lighting is an indispensable element of almost every pool. The choice of lighting elements is wide when it comes to their appearance as well as their power and type of lighting elements.

automatic dispensers

In order to ensure continual disinfection of your pool in accordance with strictly set guidelines, we offer automatic dispensers for public and private pools. Not only that we offer devices for measuring and regulation of the values of the disinfectant agents and pH regulators, but we also offer dosing pumps of adjustable regulation, suitable for dosage of algicides and flocculants.

Heating equipment

In outdoor pools it extends the bathing season, while in indoor pools it is on the list of mandatory equipment. Some of the options for providing additional heating of pool water are: heat exchangers connected to the central heating systems, electrical heaters, heat pumps and solar systems.


One of the biggest challenges in indoor pools is excessive humidity that occurs during vaporisation of pool water. Build-up of spores and mould is a consequence of this process, and if the problems are not dealt with, the building itself suffers damage.

Dehumidifiers are high quality equipment which recycles the air from the pool area separating the contents of humidity and returning the hot air back into the area, at the same time using the energy received by dehumidification for additional heating of the air in the facility. They are an indispensable element of every indoor pool.

Pool domes

will lower the cost of maintenance by lowering the vaporization of water, which will in turn decrease heat loss and decrease the need for additional heating and usage of dehumidification system in indoor pools. They also protect the pool from impurities and, finally, they decrease the need for chemical agents.

Swimming pool dome

Bathing season can be extended using pool domes, made of sheets of structured polycarbonate or Plexyglas with UV protection. The domes consist of mobile elements and they provide complete or partial covering of the pool. Because of its modular construction and telescopic opening, the dome is a solution that can easily fit in any space, both by its appearance and by its height.

Pool ladders and handles

Various models adjusted for different requirements. Handrails can be custom-made according to specifications

System for swimming against the current

System for swimming against the current is a piece of equipment that is highly recommended for smaller pools. It is within the category of multifunctional equipment. On the one hand, it creates special atmosphere during one’s stay in the pool, while, on the other hand, thanks to a powerful high flow engine pump, it allows one to swim in one place. By connecting a flexible tube with an adjusted extension onto the outgoing jet, the device can be used as a rather simple hydromassage system.

Systems of air and water massage, geyser and waterfalls of different models are just some items of  equipment which can be used to complement the features of your pool and make its usage more pleasant.

Border stone

suitable for implementation in indoor and outdoor pools. We offer a complete range of flat, angular and rounded pieces of different radii.

Pool PVC foils

Hydro-insulation of your pool using pool PVC foils of different colours and patterns. The foil is reinforced, 1,5mm and 2mm thick and it is suitable for covering different constructions and sizes of pools. It can be used both in newly built structures and during restoration of private and public pools.

Equipment for cleaning and maintenance of pools

Wide range of equipment for cleaning and maintenance of pools