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Saunas and steam baths

Being in a sauna is one of the most natural and most healthy ways of maintaining your health and beauty. Alternating exposure to heat and to cold is an excellent training for the cardiovascular system, and in addition to that, thanks to its effects, it undoubtedly represents preventive measures against illnesses of the respiratory system. Additionally, being in a sauna increases perspiration and it is an excellent way of clearing the pores while simultaneously accelerating regeneration of the skin.

Even though today’s models of typified saunas and cabins, when it comes to their dimensions, furnishings and equipment, can meet almost all requirements, there are still instances when the only way to install a sauna in a designated space is to have it custom made.

Our offering includes a range of Finnish saunas, infrared cabins and steam baths. Our constructions are custom made using quality materials and we adhere to technological and professional guidelines. In terms of equipment, we offer a wide range of equipment produced by European manufacturers EOS, TYLO and HARVIA.

Advantages of custom built saunas and cabins:

  • Greatest utilization of space designated for construction
  • Internal space of the cabin decorated optimally and in accordance with your wishes, including the options of choosing the equipment and details of final finishing
  • Possibility of mixing types and patterns of material inside and outside of the cabin
  • The appearance and design of the cabin completely depends on the creative approach of both sides

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna is a smaller room covered with wood and it features high temperature and low humidity of air. Inside the cabin, there is an electrical stove with electrical heaters, their power adjusted to the volume of the cabin, which heats volcanic stones arranged above the heaters. Along the walls, usually in two tiers, there are benches for sitting or lying down.  The temperature in a sauna is approximately 80 -100 degrees Celsius, and humidity level is from 5 to 15 %.

Due to the high temperatures, a stay inside a sauna is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes, and a recommended stay is 8 to 12 minutes in 3 cycles separated by breaks and cooling down with cold water between the cycles. A visit to a sauna boosts circulation, relieves stress and causes excessive perspiration.

Bio sauna

is a milder version of Finnish sauna with higher humidity which is recommended for all users who have difficulties enduring dry air and high temperatures. With the temperature of approximately 60 degrees and controlled humidity of approximately 55 %, it represents especially gentle and pleasant climate for relaxation and sense of enjoyment. Steam generator allows admitting steam into the sauna made of wooden construction, and steam is being enriched with the scent of essential oils. Recommended stay is 15-20 minutes. After each treatment there should be a period of “cooling”, just as with the Finnish sauna.

Infrared cabin

is mostly of wooden construction, and smaller dimensions with capacity of up to 3 persons. Infrared saunas of older generations had heaters on the external surfaces of the walls, while infra saunas of new generations have heaters integrated into the walls. Mild, healing perspiration already starts at pleasant room temperature of 35 °C, when the process of detoxification of the body begins, together with heating up of the muscles, rheumatic pain relief, stimulation of circulation and increased activity of the heart. Because of its mild climate it is recommended for everyone who should avoid other kinds of sauna.

Steam bath

The central element of a steam bath is a steam generator, located outside of the cabin, which injects the steam by means of ducts within the cabin. Cabins are clad with ceramics or stone, with heated benches as standard equipment and with domed ceilings commonly decorated with starry skies. The temperatures in steam baths are between 45 and 55 degrees Celsius with maximum humidity of 100%. High humidity inside steam baths and inhalation of natural essential oils have positive impact on breathing. They encourage moderate perspiration which improves release of toxins from the organism.  Recommended duration of a visit to such a space is between 10 to 20 minutes, after which time visitor should take a shower with tepid water and rest for at least 20 to 30 minutes. A visit to such a sauna improves the circulation, opens the pores and cleanses the skin.