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Built-in prefabricated swimming pools

Built in prefabricated swimming pools, with their moderate price and speedy construction, establish themselves as the most cost-effective choice of outdoor pools.

All the equipment included in the set for construction of a prefabricated pool is of European origin with accompanying attests by the manufacturers and with a written guarantee for the work performed by our company.

The construction of a prefabricated pool is of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, 0,6 to 0,8mm in thickness, and the height of 120 or 150 cm, additionally protected by anti-corrosive coating.

Inside of the pool is covered by high-frequency welded pool foil of 0,8mm in thickness, factory-tailored in according to the size and shape of the pool.

Below the foil there is a protective, anti-bacterially treated padding fleece which separates the foil from the concrete bed and prevents emergence of bacteria.

The filtration system consists of built-in elements of the skimmer, floor drainage and jets linked to the water purifying filter and to the circulation pump by means of high-pressure PVC ducts and additional fittings.

The size, i.e. the throughput, of the filters and circulation pump are of suitable characteristics, which primarily depend on the purpose and volume of the pool.

These pools can be upgraded with a wide range of equipment, just as any other types of pools.


We offer pools of oval shape of the following dimensions:

* 5,25 x 3,20 x 1,20m / * 5,25 x 3,20 x 1,50m
* 6,00 x 3,20 x 1,20m / * 6,00 x 3,20 x 1,50m
* 7,00 x 3,50 x 1,20m / * 7,00 x 3,50 x 1,50m
* 8,00 x 4,20 x 1,20m / * 8,00 x 4,20 x 1,50m

Assembly set for a prefabricated pool consists of the following elements:

  • Metal construction of the pool of 1,20 or 1,50m in height.
  • Steel profiles of 0,6mm or 0,8mm thickness for heights of 1,20m or 1,50m respectively are galvanized and additionally plastic-coated.
  • The components of the pools are produced in Germany, and they are assembled in a factory in France.
  • High-frequency welded pool foil of blue colour, of 0,8mm thickness
  • The foil has been factory-tailored and welded in accordance with the form and dimensions of the pool
  • Antibacterial 300g/m2 padding fleece
  • ABS built-in elements: skimmer, floor drain and jets
  • PVC pressure jets and fittings for pool installations
  • Knees, joints, t pieces, union flat joints, valves, pipe support….
  • Water purifying filter, model Kripsol D600
  • Made of polyester, filled with quartz sand 125kg
  • Filtration pump, model Speck AquaMaxi, 0,69kW, 230V
  • Built-in timer
  • Management of filtration pump and underwater lighting operations
  • Led reflector 12V, 5W, Ø 160mm, ABS
  • Transformer 50VA, IP 65
  • Electrical wiring material
  • Level regulator
  • Inox ladders with 4 steps
  • Pool maintenance set
  • Manual underwater suction cleaner, leaf skimmer, pool-tester
  • Chemical agents for water maintenance
  • Chlorine granules 1kg, Chlorine tablets 2 kg, pH minus 5kg
  • Assembly, training and opening of the pool


Request an offer and find out why are these pools considered the most cost-effective solutions.