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HIPER d.o.o.

Hyper Ltd. is a specialized company primarily focused on design and building of swimming pools for private and public use. We engage in the activities starting from planning and design, over building and equipping, to services and maintenance of completed systems. .

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prefabricated pools

With affordable prices and fast construction, they stand out as the most cost-effective choice when it comes to outdoor pools.

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concrete Pools

Pools with reinforced concrete constructions are certainly the best and most common solution for our climate.

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Service and


The water in the pool is susceptible to the development of bacteria and microorganisms and to the development of parasites that result from the formation of algae. In addition to regulating the pH of the water, the most important treatment for water in the pool is disinfection.

maintenance of devices and equipment of pool systems and saunas

cleaning, maintenance and occasional check-ups

delivery of chemical agents for water treatment

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Saunas and

steam baths

Our offer includes an assortment of Finnish saunas, bio saunas, infrared cabins and steam baths…

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Remediation and


modification of damaged and worn out installations, construction, alteration and modernization of embedded systems ..

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Lighting, filters, pumps, curbs, ladders and handrails, heated pools, covers, domes, automatics ..

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