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Garden fountains

A little where the choice is seemingly so simple and actually as complex and demanding as when constructing and equipping a fountain. From the choice of fountain type and positioning to the selection of equipment and decorative elements, few will be able to make a quick decision. Playing with the shapes of construction and the combination of water-light effects give us an endless source of ideas. With today’s technology and a wide range of products, the possibilities are extremely large. A dose of creativity is essential when planning, and a sense of detail will play a crucial role in the construction and fitting out of a fountain. Fountain constructions can be made of finished troughs made of polyethylene, troughs of AB construction and buried troughs insulated with PVC foil. Filtration systems are a necessary element of any fountain and allow water to be filtered with mechanical separation of impurities. In addition to basic equipment, we also offer a wide range of equipment for the decoration and production of water-light effects. In addition to halogen and ice lighting, we offer a large selection of geysers, waterfalls and various types of decorative jets, as well as equipment for heating and chemical treatment of water. Fountain decoration, warming and chemical treatment of water, geyser, halogen and ice fountain lighting, construction of fountains, construction and fitting of fountains, Fountain constructions, fountain structures, Floating fountains, Pumps for streams and waterfalls, Pumps for fountains, PVC films for lining garden ponds , waterfalls, fountain type, decorative jets, garden fountains